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It's the meat that is hot,” said Hamilton. “Firebrand has four scoops of meat in the bowl.” The chili called Hot — a step down in intensity — has.

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Based on Adam's facial expressions after taking the first bite, this chili is no cake walk. If you think you can handle some very hot chili and have.

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The Springfield challenge involved the high-heat Firebrand chili at Joe Rogers' Monday afternoon with a take-out pint of medium-hot chili.

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Chili Parlor Springfield, Il | Joe Rogers Chili | Springfield Il Best Chili | Illinois Times Best Chilli Chili Parlor.

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Had a wonderful bowl of hot chili with a tamale! Excellent service literally ordered in 9 reviews. “Five levels of heat with Firebrand as the hottest.” in 15 reviews.

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Two bowls of chili, a hot dog and 2 sodas = over $ Ridiculous! We decided that we would attempt the Firebrand Challenge. I went with 'hold the oil' and my.

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I like mine spicy hot and with hardly any beans. Joes is not the Texas beanless Chili I have come to make for myself. But I LOVE their secret spices and minced.

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Quite frankly, I was expecting more out of the Firebrand Chili. True, it had a Be careful- the medium hot chilli is plenty spicy enough to make you sweat! It's too.