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Learning English may not transform you as a person, but it can defin new friends across the globe - so you see, learning English can definitely have a positive impact on you. How has Quora's knowledge shaped or influenced your life?.

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"Friends" Helps Global Television Audience Learn English The Simpsons and How I Met Your Motherwere found to have only helped 7% and The research also discovered that the influence of the show is so powerful that.

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job opportunities or even romance, learning English is your short cut to success! He adds, “Without English, I wouldn't have my job or my friends, and.

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However, I think friends have more influences on each students and there lots of information about life, students tend to follow their friends.

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Talking in English with Friends is a good way to learn spoken english. English has been influenced most specifically by several other languages. When you talk to your friend in English, you will be using the modern.

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career, international travel, international influence, international friends, When their children are learning English in school, parents who.

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A student's friends may be the single greatest outside influence on their grades. By learning who your child's friends are, you can encourage them to maintain.

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several influence in the writing and speaking of tertiary level student with the positive effects . Though the young people are using it with their friends informally, unintentionally . learn language and also improve their English language.