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The first step in planting English wallflower is good soil preparation. Start by clearing old plant material from the garden bed, then add a 2- to 3-inch-deep layer.

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October is the ideal time for planting out wallflowers which, along with allowed to spread gradually and chopped back if they spread too far.

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The plants are 18in wide and they've been in flower since the Erysimum cheiri ' Blood Red' - in many ways my favourite - is a deep, rich.

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I often think of how Aldous Huxley, after years of intense exploration, came . Always plant your wallflowers first, otherwise half the bulbs will be.

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Here's our handy Gardening guide for growing Wallflower Plants in your garden. Wallflower flowers are often highly fragrant and come in an array of colours.

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Find out how to grow fragrant perennial and biennial wallflowers, Luminous yellow, scented flowers, often speckled with red when in bud.

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Concrete pots would be lined up in rows, 20 deep, 10 wide, and we And I sense that wallflowers are a plant whose fortunes will soon be.

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Wallflowers are a colourful spring and summer-flowering bedding plant. Read our Sow thinly, at a depth of 13mm (in) deep in rows 30cm (12in) apart.

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Transplant wallflowers and give them perfect growing conditions, with the help of Monty Find out how to transplant young wallflowers to their final growing positions, in this video guide. Escape will cancel and close the window. . This gorgeous long-flowering hellebore lives up to its name 'Ruby Queen', with its rich .