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Binary fission is different from mitosis because prokaryotic cells do not have a true nucleus like eukaryotes. Also, there is no mitotic spindle formation in the.

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Mitosis occurs among eukaryotes (cells that have a nucleus). fission does not include spindle formation (mitotic apparatus) and sister chromatids in its .

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Binary Fission Versus Mitosis: Similarities and Differences. Binary fission, mitosis, and meiosis are the main forms of cell division. Binary fission and mitosis are types of asexual reproduction in which the parent cell divides to form two identical daughter cells.

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Binary fission occurs among prokaryotes (cells that do not contain a Binary fission does not include spindle formation (mitotic apparatus) and.

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So, you might be wondering: How do simpler organisms, like bacteria, undergo Binary fission has features in common with mitosis, but also differs from mitosis.

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Difference Between Binary Fission and Mitosis Main Difference – Binary Fission that binary fission does not form a spindle.

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The main difference between binary fission and mitosis is that binary fission does not form a spindle apparatus whereas mitosis takes place.