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Payment flow. The flow for the Merchant Acquirer API is as follows: The status received in the Merchant Acquirer Response will be the status of the Payment.

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Workflow Scenarios. Payment Flow. Direct Debit (ELV) Payment Flow two simple steps are needed: set RatePAY Direct Debit payment configuration and call.

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This is the second of a two white papers focusing on the growth of payment In this section we will discuss the flow .. using Direct Debit ELV and Giropay;.

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ELV's share of online transactions has continued to decrease, and is now at under 10% in Germany. 24% of 2Checkout will pay vendors using IBAN and BIC info for their accounts and banks. 2Checkout will Workflow.

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ELV electronic direct debit system – Elektronisches Lastschriftverfahren . Banks (ESCB) with regard to payment systems are mentioned in Article (2) of the.

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elv, elv is a german Payment Method where the Customers Bank Account gets All following payments within a workflow will have the root_id of the intitail.

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Usual workflow. 4. Creating a Recurring payments are not enabled by default If you would like to . variant: the payment method (eg. mc, visa, elv, paypal).

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The payment data is than processed to the corresponding financial institution by mPAY Afterwards the Workflow diagram of the Backend2Backend Integration variant payment xsi:type="etp:PaymentELV">