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Jun 23, Walt Disney Co has had more than "nuisance" alligators The records reveal the park's constant struggle to keep alligators away from humans in a region That does not include six that were removed in the wake of last.

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Nov 3, When 2-year-old Lane Graves was killed by an alligator at Disney World, the waters of the internationally famous theme park, and did officials know about them? gators exist and nearly 16, were trapped and removed away increased because the company strengthened a plan to keep them out.

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Jun 18, Newly released video shows a Disney World employee warding off a small STAY AWAY FROM THE WATER. DO NOT FEED THE WILDLIFE.

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Jun 15, Family of boy killed by gator at Disney helps kids getting transplants "In keeping with our strong commitment to safety, we continue to reinforce According to the FWC, the removal of all these alligators does not have a.

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Oct 31, The number of alligators captured on Walt Disney World property has FWC does not relocate nuisance alligators because the reptiles often try to fences and warning signs to keep visitors away from the reptiles' habitats.

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Nov 2, ORLANDO, Fla. - Disney is continuing to do all it can to remove alligators from its Seven Seas Lagoon more than a year after a 2-year-old boy.