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Drip-O-lator is a brand name given to manual drip coffee pots that were first produced in His work experience has spanned the computer world, from sales and.

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A Drip-O-lator is a patented coffee pot for making drip coffee. Drip-O-lators were patented in and in and manufactured in Massillon, Ohio, or Macon.

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The concept of the dripolator is that the boiling water drips very slowly through teeny-tiny holes (see above) and into the grounds below, where.

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The Drip-O-Lator was invented Enterprise Aluminum Company's second president, Richard E. Krauss. These inventions were designed with an array of china.

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This Hall coffee dripolator in a burgundy color with silver trim is in excellent Vintage Hall Drip-o-lator Dripolator Tea Coffee Pot Flamingo with Lid Art Deco.

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Traditional dripolators, stove-top drip coffee makers, and the Italian Napoletana coffee makers, also called La Cuccumella.

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