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The accumulation -- or shrinking -- of ice sheets, glaciers, polar caps and icy tundras affects weather, climate and global sea levels. Glaciologists study the.

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Install and test instruments. Communicate with the media and But Sarah is pleased she took the chance and became a glaciologist. What many people see as.

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Wear proper protective gear and equipment for field work, which includes eyewear, crash . Here are the most common degrees for becoming a Glaciologist. a.

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Glaciology encompasses a number of disciplines, from maths, physics and and most likely a PhD is the route into becoming a professional glaciologist.

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Glaciologists must wear proper safety equipment, including crash helmets and full body harnesses, What characteristics does it take to become a glaciologist?.

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How to become a glaciologist. A glaciologist is a researcher who studies ice and glaciers: this study can consider different aspects, such as the.