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Is wi-fi enough, or should you be looking to buy a 4G or 3G tablet? work with all phones (or with all mobile phone networks) it can be a handy work around.

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A tablet can connect to the internet using either WiFi or a 3G data connection ( which is what you are asking about). Some tablets have the SIM.

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While the fastest way to do this is typically 4G, in many cases consumers are still using 3G. So what is 3G, and how does it work?.

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The process for activating a 3G Android tablet varies depending on whether the tablet uses the CDMA or GSM network. Since a 3G tablet uses the cellular.

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Solved: I'm going to buy a tablet soon and it says it is compatible with external 3G , and I know that giffgaff does tablet internet for like £5 a.

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Should I Buy a Tablet with Wi-Fi or with 3G? . these public places may or may not require a fee to use and usually it isn't as secure as a home or work network.