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Aug 27, Facebook Contests: Learn how to run a successful Facebook contest aimed at your target After all, people are coming to your page because they are interested in learning more about what you offer. What do you think?.

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Feb 22, In this article I'll share 17 tips to make your Facebook contest a success. . what people need to fill out to enter your contest, think about the two.

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3 days ago Unfortunately, as you can see below, they broke Facebook's timeline rule by asking people to share the contest post. Think of it like this: if your.

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Nov 14, The need to better communicate and engage our students, staff, parents, Parents should be able to easily find your official Facebook, Twitter, and People visiting your school website should feel like they are visiting your campus. While it isn't a popularity contest, you want to keep track of whether you.

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Dec 7, We have just announced this year's contest, and updated all related links below. And if you'd like to think more about weaving these kinds of .. If I were a Facebook executive, I might feel a Frankensteinian sense of unease.

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Students need to feel free to express themselves, and need to feel good about A writing group, such as a Facebook writing class page, can be a source of.