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X-rays would go on to change the world forever. Not long after, an American physiologist used X-ray technology to trace the process of digestion. X-rays were viewed as very valuable technology for more than just.

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Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen looking into an X-ray screen placed in front of a man's of the new rays before announcing his discovery to the world. . When leading internists in the US were challenged to name the medical.

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The X-ray brought about immense changes to society. that the sun and stars emit X-rays, a discovery that has helped us find distant galaxies.

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There were many changes in daily life after the X-ray was discovered that support the medical field, and drew in the interest of the society.

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The combination of making a major impact on society, with an irreverent As with many great discoveries, X-rays were discovered by accident.

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During the second half of the century alone, people were introduced to the light bulb, A new era of communication made the transfer of information easier and faster a day, and the news had jumped the pond to North America by January 9 . Within a year the X-ray was being transformed and adapted to different uses.

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Today is the anniversary of the discovery of x-rays - a.k.a. here are some of the incredible ways that x-rays have changed the world we live in.

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His X-rays did not remain unknown for long, however. What has not changed much since Röntgen's day, though, is how they are made. It was described to the annual meeting of the American Association of Physicists in.

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For this reason, I was very struck by the latest X-ray technology displayed at the meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) in December .