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The rise of the Western notion of nationalism under the Ottoman Empire eventually caused the Principality of Serbia and Hellenic Republic. The first revolt in the Ottoman Empire to acquire a national character was the Serbian Revolution.

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The partition of the Ottoman Empire was a political event that occurred after World War I and the Greater Lebanon was the name of a territory created by France. of Arab nationalism and Zionism created a situation which the British could neither . the French authorities operated an imperial policy of divide and rule.

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The role of nationalism was crucial in the decline and fall of the Ottoman Empire. Like all empires, the Ottoman Empire comprised of many different national and.

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NATIONALISM IN THE OTTOMAN EMPIRE Social Studies for 10th Christians were allowed to live much like they did before Ottoman rule.

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As the Ottoman Empire entered the First World War in the loyalty of its Arab subjects could no longer be taken for granted.

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Affect” would be an understatement. The empire split at the seams in large part due to nationalism, as well as other European ideals. Various.

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Muslims, Roman Catholics, and Orthodox Christians had to divide the remaining land. Thus Ottoman Empire was faced with a rise in Arab nationalism. During WWI the Empire's army primarily consisted of patriotic Turks and no Arabs.

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In its dying days, the Ottoman Empire attempted to use religion to prolong its life but nascent Arab nationalism helped speed up the inevitable – with After all, Arabic was the language of Islam and the claim of the House of . through a policy of divide and rule in the hope of perpetuating their presence, but.