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Gaara (我愛įž…) is a fictional character in the Naruto manga and anime series created by . Gaara dies in the process but an elder from the village named Chiyo action was his doing and that the truth that Gaara's mother always loved him.

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This is the article on the mother of the Sand Siblings. For the This came at a very steep cost as Gaara's premature birth was also marked by her untimely death.

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He is the Kazekage's son. However, a tailed beast resides within him like Naruto, and has been apart of him since birth. Gaara's mother died while giving birth to.

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Gaara is a character in the manga and anime Naruto. He is known as Because of this possession, Gaara's mother, Karura, died while giving birth. Before she.

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The forth Kazekage theorized that Gaara's mother was the source of his Sand Shield technique as she died in childbirth and is believed to have.

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Gaara is one such character, earning instant popularity from Naruto Rasa didn't care who lived and died as long as Suna didn't become obsolete. . It would be later proven that it's his mother's will that moves the sand to.

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Coraline crossover. After Yashameru's death, Gaara is sent away for a short time while the village decides what to do with him. Temari and.

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Gaara dies and meets the one person he never knew and learns the truth . He always wondred what it was like to have a mother, now she's.