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How do I challenge a friend to a match? You have them on your friend list and click button to right of their name it gives options of standard.

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Friendly Challenge, also known as Friendly Play, is a game mode in which players can battle against other players on their friends list in private.

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On mobile (haven't tried on laptop yet) the option to challenge a friend is greyed out, just wondering if anyone else is seeing this problem? Asia.

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Hello, I am new player and i dont have any friends in the game, i need help to finish the quest challenge a friend. Hearthstone EU.

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I can't seem to be able to challenge or spectate anyone on my friends list, despite both being in the main menu. I'm on mobile btw, and can.

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This morning I found that I'm unable to challenge a friend. When we both hover over the button for challenging the opponent it says to wait until.

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I dont see the two little swords next to my friend to play against them. I am able to spectate but not play against them. How do I fix this? We.

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Hey guys, I have zero Heartstone friends, my latest daily quest is to challenge one, never had this quest before. It's worth 80 gold and it says we.