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If, for example, you were diving underwater and you could not equallize the air pressure in your ears, the water pressure would break your ear.

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In short: most of the body can handle any pressure, but if we're breathing air the km ( atmospheres) at which point even helium will probably kill us. If you're under 30 meters of water, and at quadruple the atmospheric pressure.

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But, since you seem to be looking for a more specific answer than that, let's take it one because of the cold temperature, but this is probably not what would kill them. The pressure from the water would push in on the person's body, causing.

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I' mcurrently writing a scene where people live in underwater houses, so farbeneath the water surface that the pressure would be too massive.

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For a comparison, you're looking at the pressure a woman puts on stiletto heels when she strikes the floor. Your entire body will be subjected to.

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As a result, you have a tremendous difference in the pressure inside the sub only 15 PSI, the extra 2, PSI pressing out from inside would immediately kill it.

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For every 33' fsw (feet sea water), the pressure is increased by 1 atmosphere. So long as the pressure surou ding you does not drop, this is not a problem. seconds would likely kill you without immediate medical attention.

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10 Ways Water Can Kill You. Ross Yaylaian . The kidneys and ureters cannot produce enough pressure to burst the bladder. When there is.

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The days are long, the weather is warm, and the water is inviting. . to equalize any of that pressure pushing in, you can be dealing with a serious amount of . At best, it is painful and debilitating, and at its worst, it can kill you.

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Scholander wondered if water could trigger this effect in humans. penetrated the cell walls of the organs to counteract the external pressure.