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y's and known x's and extends the linear trendline to calculate additional y- values for an additional supplied data. Use it to forecast and extrapolate in Excel.

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You can use Excel to project values that are based on existing data or to on existing data or to automatically generate extrapolated values that are based on.

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Use your existing data in Excel to predict and chart future values much faster and easier than using the various Forecast functions with one click.

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I had inserted a graph with all the details that I need. However, i would like to extrapolate it to a certain number on one of the axis. Hope that.

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Excel allows you to add charts to enable others to visualize the data you're presenting. Because there are a variety of charts available, such as line and bar, .

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Search this in YouTube. There are some good videos.

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Not sure, if the structure of the formula remains the same you could fill in the formula with data and then make a graph out of the formula instead.

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I'd like to extrapolate the incomplete data based on the last two points of information to the range of the X data and then I can.