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Your pets probably don't understand that in nine months a new baby will be joining your family, but dogs and cats do detect differences in your mood, posture .

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Do animals have a sixth sense that enables them to detect pregnancy before a pregnancy test can? Yes. The reason why has to do with.

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Cats are sensitive animals and they can pick up on the pheromones your body produces during pregnancy. . Baby Center: Can Cats Sense Pregnancy?.

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Sorry if its a bit mad but just wondering if cats can sense pregnancy. We have 2 cats and today one of the cats has been really loving.

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When a woman finds out she's pregnant, it's time to start asking questions about Many young mothers may also be concerned about whether a cat can be a.

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Animal behavior specialists say yes, cats can tell even before you take a test to confirm your pregnancy. Often, cats that were once solitary and.

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Hiya! Me and the hubby are trying for baby number 3. Havnt found out if I am pregnant yet so very early days and guessing work (been getting.