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Watch as the Tampa Bay Lightning and Boston Bruins shake hands after a 5- game series.

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When he freed his hand from the frothy water and grabbed senior Zach After shaking hands with the Bruins, they lined up in front of the pool.

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This is the Boston Bruins' goalie “Sugar” Jim Henry shaking hands with the Canadiens' Maurice “the Rocket” Richard after a semi-finals.

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BOSTON – The traditional post-series handshake between the Boston Bruins and Montreal Canadiens wasn't the symbol of sportsmanship the.

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The Rangers and Bruins shake hands. The handshake itself dates back to the 5th century BC and is believed to have been popularized.

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Handshake lines are a league custom, and a recent online memoir asserts the founding coach and general manager of the Boston Bruins.

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The ornery Boston Bruins forward worked his way through the handshake line with the Montreal Canadiens Wednesday night after losing game.

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I wanted to see Rick Nash and McDonagh/Girardi shake hands. If you get your idea of the Bruins reputation from /r/hockey, yeah that's.