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Before you plant your lettuce seeds, make sure the soil is prepared. It should be loose and drain well so it's moist without staying soggy. To keep the soil fertile.

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Learn how to grow lettuce seeds and plants in your home vegetable garden from Burpee.

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Growing Lettuce. How to grow Lettuce guide. The Quickcrop all lettuce mix contains a broad range of easy to grow lettuce, ideal for cut and come again use.

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This step-by-step guide for planting lettuce seeds shows you exactly how to grow lettuce from seed. Includes tips for growing and harvesting lettuce too.

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Learn the ins and outs of growing lettuce, including Loose-leaf, Butterhead, Romaine and Crisphead varieties. All types of lettuce grow best in cool weather, .

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Lettuce is an ideal crop for beginner growers and seed savers alike. Gardeners can choose looseleaf varieties that do not form heads or grow iceberg lettuces.

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If you plan on growing lettuce during the summer or in warm planting zones, partial shade can provide protection from the heat. Growing lettuce from seed in late.

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Instructions for planting, growing and harvesting lettuce in a small garden. I show you how much sun and water the lettuce plant needs to grow.

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Choose a head lettuce variety for indoor planting. Head lettuces take longer to mature. If you start the seeds inside, the plants can benefit from an earlier planting.

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There are even varieties of lettuce that are grown for the stem rather than the leaf. (I grew that once out of curiosity. The seed company called it "stem lettuce".