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The City Wall is a city building in The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-earth, which protects the player's city and allows the player to build defensive units.

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Is there any point in defending city walls? i spend many hours building up The Hobbit: Kingdoms Of Middle-Earth Answers for the iPhone - iPad. Nope when you build a wall your jus making really easy tks for other people.

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Posts about city wall written by beardmonkey. When starting the game, you have one city, but this can be NOTE: Images of the buildings are courtesy of the HobbitArmies Wikia KoM All Elven and Dwarf Wall troops.

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Wall troops can be trained in your City Walls. They provide good Might numbers, but are not overly strong, so most people do not actually build.

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Your Wall defenses will always defend your city. There is no way to hide them, but when you see an attack incoming, you have the option to keep the rest of your .

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Attacking: If you have a maxed level hero, you will dominate When you hit a closed city (troops are hidden) with wall defenses, you will.

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When defending, your Wall Defenses will always fight, there is no way to hide them. After you receive the information about their city and/or army it is best to do.

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It is a mistake to think you can just build your second city the same way .. upgrading your resource buildings, your Vault, and your City Wall.