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When people think of the toughest wrestlers to ever live, names like Brock Lesnar , Ken Shamrock and Andre the Giant will no doubt pop up.

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Some of the most popular wrestlers were considered soft by others in the locker room. This is the legend of Meng (aka Tonga, Haku). The craziest story he shared was in regards to a bar fight where he claimed Meng “took.

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He was very well known for his crazy toughness and insane There are various incidents and stories involving Haku that prove his notoriety. While some of the stories are % true, nobody knows whether the few others are.

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Haku On If The Stories About Him Are True, His Reputation, Who He Is because people showed disrespect and in life there is wrestling and.

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I'm sure Haku was a tough guy but wrestlers will have you convinced he's the second. He could just be a crazy mother fucker. . I think there's too many stories from too many people and too many admissions by tough guys.

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Who wins in a fight? We all hear the crazy seemingly blown out of proportion stories about each man, yet many people go on record swearing.

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Tonga 'Uli'uli Fifita (born 3 February ) is a Tongan semi-retired professional wrestler, best .. births · Bullet Club members · Living people · People from Tongatapu · Professional wrestling managers and valets · The First Family.

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Related: HAKU: Tales of Wrestling's Toughest S.O.B. Stories from Ric I was one of the most fortunate people on Earth to do exactly what I.