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Going commando can feel freeing, but here are 10 important things you need to know before you ditch your underwear.

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Why don't women like seeing guys wear men's thong underwear? I knew this, as when kid, he never hid, and used to dress without caring to close the door of.

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I almost never wear underwear. Only downside is I can't go 2 weeks wearing the same pair of pants without washing anymore; they start.

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The Backstreet Boys are the epitome of a throwback that should stay in the past. . Excellence doesn't come from being boring. gentlemen's etiquette of always wearing underpants, Toby Quinn has a parting shot for them.

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He is 53, so there is no excuse for the "random" boners that teenage guys get. He just likes to let his boys get air. He almost never wears long pants either.

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there was a post sometime back that said something on the lines of there being a time when British guys never wore underwear in Summer.