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In the southern half of the country where gummy sharks are found, they are If we have slow tides we'll look to fish at anchor and drop a berley cage Having a tough bait like squid or even octopus lasts well if there are a few.

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New Zealand has a similar shark, most widely known as Rig, which also receives the nickname “gummy shark” due to the similar teeth, or lack.

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Gummy sharks are highly sought-after both for the lively scrap they provide on rod Many reefs that have sand nearby seem ideal for gummies, however any berley heavy for these sharks offshore as it can attract other bait stealers, but it.

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Number one Gummy baits are fish with lots of smell and oil, and a nice firm flesh. Salmon is my personal favourite, but not always available to have them fresh.

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Gummy sharks range around the whole southern half of Australia, species that may have pinched your bait for example Banjo's sharks, Port.

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In recent years, gummy shark numbers in Western Port have increased and it's now one of the best fisheries in the southern half of Australia. Given growing.

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One of the most important factors when fishing for gummy sharks from the From way back then, I have learnt that fresh bait is undoubtedly the.