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Famous People in History. Who is known as the "Father of Medicine"? Where was Karl Marx, the communist philosopher, born? From Renaissance philosophers.

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Watch Matt & Derek try out some of 's best new quizzes on this morning's Quiz Lab! Can you name the 50 famous people by their faces? Tags:Celebrity Quiz, Famous Quiz, 50, Athletes, face, Famous Faces, Famous People, Historical Figures, portrait, Slideshow.

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That may not be all that long on a geological or evolutionary scale, but considering people usually don't even make it into triple digits age-wise (or past 60, if you.

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35 Celebrities and Their Historical Dopplegangers celebrity, your face is plastered everywhere and there are thousands of people who think they look like you.

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Learn about famous people from all walks of life and through the ages with our It's a great way to learn about interesting historical figures from all ages and all.

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There are the most recognizable persons from the world history in this app: kings and queens, politicians and musicians, actors and film directors. Can you.

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Do you know a history lover? This print is the perfect gift for them! It features 49 beautifully illustrated figures from history. From Tutankhamun to Leonardo da.

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They all have historical doppelgängers! That's right. All of these famous people, celebs, Hollywood stars, whatever you like to call them, look just like people in.

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Baby Professor showcases a collection of subjects that are educational for kids to help them learn how to do something themselves, exactly how something is.

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The most famous people in history — according to Google Still, it's fascinating to look at who made their mark on the printed page — and how.