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German Argentines are Argentine citizens of German ancestry. They are descendants of . The fact that Argentina appears among the most important grain producers of the world is, in part, responsibility of its citizens of Volga German origin. . of Chalet-style architecture brought by German, Swiss and Austrian immigrants.

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The first German architects in Argentina were Jesuits who settled in the 18th century. For example, the oldest church preserved in.

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The secret German village – in the middle of Argentina Following a tip from a friend, they made the long journey (part of it on horseback) to the “The architecture and the scenery is our principal treasure,” he tells me over.

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Nazis' Argentine village hide-out pulls in tourists commander of the Polish ghetto Przemysl; and Primo Capraro, the local German school.

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As well as Argentina, where Bariloche became known as “The Third Reich Mengele would visit to lap up the town's German architecture and.

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People gather at the Civic Centre of Bariloche, Argentina, on April 8, , to look Inside he'd often find his dad—the president of the town's German Argentinian .. And human beings are a part of nature, so I love them all.

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Archaeologists in Argentina are investigating whether ruined buildings in a nature reserve in Argentina were built as a hide-out for German Nazi officers. Researcher Daniel Schavelzon told Argentina's Clarin newspaper that the architecture of the three From the section Latin America & Caribbean.