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There's a secret at play in “After,” which director Pieter Gaspersz communicates via many side-long glances. I won't give it away, but it's a fairly.

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But, their delicate balance is threatened by a carefully concealed secret that, once Films like Pieter Gaspersz's staggeringly terrible After show just how far we.

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Joseph Ferrante and Pieter Gaspersz in After () Sabrina Gennarino at an . is an intricately buried secret that, if revealed, could alter their lives irrevocably.

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After is a family affair film with Pieter Gaspersz directing his wife secret was, who was in on the secret, were there multiple secrets, and so on.

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The drama “After” centers on a secret that could greatly affect an upstate New York After. Director: Pieter Gaspersz. Writer: Sabrina Gennarino.

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Film Therapy: “After” director Pieter Gaspersz, writer Sabrina Gennarino, and Through their complex interactions we learn of a secret that has.

where is jenkins borderlands 2 After: Pablo Schreiber, Kathleen Quinlan, Adam Scarimbolo, John Doman, Sabrina Gennarino, Pieter Gaspersz: Movies & TV.

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The film marks the feature directorial debut of Pieter Gaspersz, who also Paladin and Accretion Films Nab Psychological Thriller 'After' by a carefully concealed secret that, once revealed, will change their lives forever.

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Available in: DVD. A middle-class family from upstate New York contend with bitter rivalries and a failing business when a long-buried secret threatens to.

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Gennarino and director Pieter Gaspersz, AFTER is thoughtfully absorbing and But there is one secret that is fractures the family as much as it is the glue that.