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My ganache came out way too thin Too much cream. Oops. May be that it'll thicken up nicely and it's just a bit fresh as yet. I've had batches.

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Ganache is one of the mainstays of the pastry chef's kitchen. A mixture of cream and high quality chocolate, it can be made thick and fudgy or thin and runny.

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You can warm up your runny ganache and add grated chocolate; let it melt and stir it in. But if there is too much chocolate, the ganache becomes too fatty and.

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However, the filling is a white chocolate ganache, but it won't set. Here's the recipe: g 35% white chocolate, 15g butter, g cream.

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Heat the cream in a small sauce pan over medium heat. At this point, the whipped version of the chocolate ganache is back in the glass bowl.

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Using a ratio will give you a runny consistency. For a ganache, the ratio is a lot more chocolate to cream - the one I did the other day.