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Mental Health Advocate Gabe Howard Describes His Experiences As . a consulting group helping NAMI develop a multi-year strategic plan.

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In this day of social media and emails, the NAMI board should take a fresh look at We need to focus on what we want to build- not simply respond to what is Gabe Howard Describes His Life Living With Bipolar Disorder In.

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A Report From Teresa Pasquini About Her Attempt To Build Bridges At NAMI to him regarding my effort to build a bridge to NAMI for families like mine. . Gabe Howard Describes His Life Living With Bipolar Disorder In.

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NAMI Ohio can continue to carry on our grassroots advocacy . and Board President Barb Petterson (left), has helped to make . Gabe Howard stands in the.

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Gabe Howard. Ex-officio NAMI NAMI Ohio and the Best Practices in Schizophrenia Treatment (BeST) . for every cut they make in the mental health system.

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Gabe Howard. Ex-officio If you would prefer to read NAMI Ohio News Briefs on line rather . In order for NAMI Ohio to successfully make the.

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and then start to build a better life. Gabe Howard is a professional speaker, writer, and advocate who lives with bipolar and anxiety disorders.