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Though feeling cold during the first trimester of pregnancy is common you end up feeling colder than usual, especially in your hands and feet.

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Get information about pregnancy symptoms and health conditions, and answers to Feeling cold all the time is a symptom of hypothyroidism, a condition caused by an underactive thyroid. Swollen Hands During Pregnancy.

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Occasionally, however, women respond with the opposite set of symptoms. feeling chilled and cold. Although this is probably normal, there are a few things to.

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I'm 6 weeks pregnant and I am freezing cold all the time. But also freezing cold hands and feet. maybe my circulation has been diverted.

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My hands & feet are the first to feel cold then the ret of my body after about. I am constantly cold (8 weeks 3 days), more so when tired or very sick. I mean cold.

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Hello, quite near the beginning of my pregnancy I had massive swings in temperature - I'd go completely cold for an hour despite sitting on the radiator, and then.