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Learn more about how to prepare for a cholesterol test. If they say you should fast, they'll likely suggest that you avoid eating for 9 to 12 hours.

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Generally you're required to fast, consuming no food or liquids other than water, for nine to 12 hours before the test. Some cholesterol tests.

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Fasting for eight to 12 hours before a cholesterol test doesn't seem to be necessary. But for now, people should continue to follow their.

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Standard practice used to require a person to fast for 9–12 hours before taking a cholesterol test, meaning that they should have no food or.

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New international guidelines eliminate the need to fast overnight before for eight to 12 hours before having blood drawn for a cholesterol test.

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Because of this, most physicians recommend fasting for a period of at least 12 hours before a fasting cholesterol test. Alcohol can increase your triglyceride.

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How can you lower cholesterol without medications? And what happens to your cholesterol if you do intermittent fasting? High cholesterol is.