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Val is a Hunter character in the game Evolve. She specializes at long-distance - sniping the Monster with her rifle, healing allies from afar, and slowing the monster with tranquilizers. Her Armor-Piercing Sniper Rifle and Hunter-healing Medgun are the perfect qualifications for.

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With Val, the monster will always be tranq'd and weakpointed, and your .:blush: Evolve - Val Pro Vs. Kraken 1: echographapp.com

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Val's MedGun is easy to use but the rest of her kit takes time to master. Val is one of the many Hunters in Evolve, and is the starting Medic.

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Val is the teams medic. She is used to heal your players in case Hank failed to prevent them from taking damage. She is equipped with a.

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The time has come to meet the Medic - 'Val,' the last of 'Evolve's starting character classes to be detailed.

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Evolve Medic Class tips and strategy to help you play Val, Lazarus and Caira.

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hey guys so bassically exactly what the title says. I just returned to evovle now that stage 2 is out and I have always been a Huge Evolve fan. I.