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I see the message Cannot communicate with the scanner error message when I run EPSON Scan. What should I do? Try the following: Make sure your product.

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This problem can be traced back to a number of different reasons ranging from problems in the scanner drivers to incorrect configuration of the.

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Mike Mclain discusses one possible fix to the EPSON Scan Error (Cannot Communicate with the scanner. Make sure the scanner is on.

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When I try to use either Image capture or the scan button in the System Preferences, Printer dialogue I get the message unable to communicate.

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under devices in windows 10 delete all references to the epson printer and re- scan. if no scanner then delete them all again and use the.

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When I followed your suggestions I got the same "Communications error." message. I have no idea if it is using Epson Scan Software.I am assuming it is .

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I was getting a Cannot Communicate with Scanner error every time my A few months ago I bought an Epson DS scanner (link is to a.

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I have three Epson Scanners (Artisan , Epson Perfection V the same message when trying to scan now--"Cannot communicate with scanner. There is no explanation why a lot of these problems are happening in.