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Richard Russo escaped small-town New York State and became a writer, but the center of Richard Russo's absorbing memoir, “Elsewhere,” although as . of the Sunday Book Review with the headline: His Mother, Himself.

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Yet that is precisely what Richard Russo has done in his memoir, “Elsewhere.” In the first nonfiction effort of his career, he tells of the mother.

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Elsewhere has ratings and reviews. Steve said: [Reminder to self: KISS – Keep It Short, Steve.]Richard Russo is a great writer. His stories a.

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Novelist Richard Russo's new memoir, Elsewhere, is the Reviewer Michael Schaub calls it "one of the most honest, moving American.

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In “Elsewhere,'' novelist Richard Russo's memoir of growing up with a troubled mother, he chronicles decades spent as the chauffeur and.

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Fans of Russo's fiction (That Old Cape Magic, , etc.) likely know that the model for his novels' working-class Northeast settings is.

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Elsewhere: A Memoir [Richard Russo] on echographapp.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying Author interviews, book reviews, editors' picks, and more. Read it now.

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In Elsewhere: A Memoir, Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Richard Russo delivers a curiously guilt-ridden but pointed account of his mother.