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Search->File menu (also accessible using Ctrl+H, then navigate to File tab), enter the text to search for, hit the Replace button which will give.

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Use the Refactor > Rename command to rename variables, functions, classes, Items to be renamed can also be selected from the Project Explorer window.

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How to do a global search/replace across files in Eclipse I wonder if there is any way to do refactoring across multiple projects, ie. update.

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Simply moving or renaming the folders as one might naturally do in Eclipse via to a new location in Eclipse; Rename a folder in Eclipse; Refactor an entire folder Clean your project: The process of moving packages can cause Eclipse to.

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One must exercise caution when renaming a project in Eclipse as it is To rename the project, simply right-click the project and select "Refactor/Rename ".

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Renaming a class that is used widely throughout a project could take a lot of time but the Eclipse refactoring wizard makes the job easier by automatically.

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Tutorial created using: Windows XP || JDK _09 || Eclipse Web Tools Platform 18 matches for 'password' were found in the tomcat-demo project.