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Pull out the drawstring inches from each end and tie a knot. Set the elastic aside for a minute or two. Using a serger, a zigzag stitch.

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Or drawstring elastic, whatever. This is for putting a drawstring with the cord on the inside of the pants, but you'll see how easy it is to do it for.

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However, even though the instructions were very good, I didn't have drawcord elastic and so the instructions didn't quite make sense for that.

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Make your next pair of pj's and shorts with Drawcord Elastic—/4” wide elastic with a drawcord that's knit in the middle. This elastic retains it's.

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Fold-Down Casing for Elastic The most common use of casings is for waistbands on pull-on pants and Tie knots at the ends of the drawstring if necessary.

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Install the lining according to the pattern instructions. albion-comp 5. Topstitch Tie a knot at each end of the cording. Trim off any excess from Pin the drawstring channel over the draw string. Make sure the drawstring.

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Drawstring Pants Instructions: learn how to create low slung drawstring pants from plain pants. Outer wear, comfy pants can use an elastic waist as well. flat shoelaces (or your cord of choice - long enough that total length reaches It is easy to pull your drawstring through the casing if you attach a safety pin to one end.

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Attach a large safety pin to one end of the string. Repeat this action as necessary to pull the drawstring all the way through so that the safety pin emerges at the.

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for fixing when your drawstring elastic waistband (or hoodie sweatshirt cord hand I pushed the fabric over the ballpoint, and used the other hand to pull it through. Be sure to tie those big knots in the end that you were too lazy to do in the.