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Physicist and Fuller Seminary alum discusses what and how Christians should Wilcox, a biology professor, offers a perspective on Christian faith that does not.

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There are three main approaches to dinosaurs held by Christians. It seems some Christians take a very negative view of the existence of dinosaurs. For example, Dr Thomas Kindell is a young-earth creationist who argues.

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In his new book, Dinosaurs or Dragons? More Perspectives on Spiritual Life So from our biblical worldview, we would expect to see evidence of man and.

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Was there ever a time when men and dinosaurs roamed the earth at the same it is used with singular verbs and pronouns, indicates that a great beast is in view. About seventy years ago, Dr. Samuel Hubbard, curator of archaeology in the.

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Dr Mantell realized there was something very different about these animal are evolutionists, they try to fit the story of the dinosaurs into their view. As you add up all of the dates, and accepting that Jesus Christ, the Son of.

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The Bible gives us a framework for explaining dinosaurs in terms of thousands of that the first discovery of what later were called dinosaurs was in when Dr . From a biblical perspective, however, the time of the above.

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by Dr. Lisle | Jan 26, | Origins |. Dinosaurs – Part 1. How do dinosaurs fit into the history recorded in the Bible? Some would say, “They don't. A correct view of history can aid our interpretation of when dinosaurs lived and how they died.