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Dogs are so adorably weird aren't they? Mine does that too. Squats a bit like he's going to poop, flicks his tongue in and out like a lizard, and.

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Dogs just LOVE having the base of their tail massaged/rubbed/scratched as it is a spot they have much difficulty dealing with themselves, if the.

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Ya youre dog pretty much loves it haha! Out puppy does the same thing when scratched in the same exact part! XD.

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It seems that when Yuki's allergies are acting up and she's scratching herself, her tongue is going in and out, in and out as well. I've seen other dogs do this too.

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Why do dogs lick their lips when there is no food around? Find out what this type of body language means and how to deal with lip licking in.

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Dogs shake or kick their legs when you scratch them because of Turns out, by causing the kick, you're actually kind of irritating your dog (who.