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Grammar Dalek. “Grammar Dalek” by Joel Watson aka HijiNKS ENSUE. The Grammar Dalek is the most pedantic of all The Doctor's foes. He's always all, “WE .

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Hijinks Ensue: the Shop Grammar Dalek tee Doctor Who. DalekTorchwood Nerd LoveHead PainDoctor WhoBad GrammarBad WolfT ShirtStar WarsT.

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Grammar Dalek - I Think You Mean Doctor Whom - 8 Bit Nerds shares the best funny pics, video games, sci-fi, fantasy, comic, and cosplay pics on the internet!.

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Before you attempt to contact us to rant about the atrocious grammar in the header, it was meant as a joke. Just about every single day, we are.

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The most proper way to write the name of the show is Doctor Who, spelled out completely. If you prefer A short grammar lesson is in order. "Whom" Therefore, the name "Dr. Whom" would be wrong, because whom is not in the direct object.

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Dr. Who better watch out—Doctor WHOM is here! who has come to save Earth from the terror's of sloppy syntax and bad grammar. The book is a parody of both Doctor Who and Eats Shoots and Leaves, and comes off a bit strained at.

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I love how the woman in #5 tries to salvage her tumble and make it look alluring. The guy punching the sign totally deserves it.

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Doctor Who Daleks Warhol Style Shirt Men's Women's & by Geekcetera, Grammar Dalek Shirt, HijinKS ENSUE Torchwood, Dr Who: Gifts & Merchandise.