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He's complex. Perhaps the most complex incarnation of the Doctor there's ever been. He's got a light side. He's heroic, noble, and self-sacrificing. He's caring.

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The Tenth Doctor actor chats to Doctor Who Magazine about working with the War Doctor, the late great Sir John Hurt.

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Doctor Who • Lonely Angel (10th Doctor Tribute) HD; This video really shows a lot of the Byronic/lonely wanderer traits with the Doctor. Great editing.

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Items similar to Simple Bracelet Doctor Who 10th Doctor David Tennant tribute Child or Adult size on Etsy. Simple Bracelet Doctor Who Doctor David Tennant.

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This year's Doctor Who has been notably light on Easter Eggs and callbacks, with . with David Tennant's Tenth Doctor receiving a subtle nod after Yaz to see the series paying tribute to its long and storied past once more.

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If there's been one stand-out success story of the relaunched Doctor Who, it's the career trajectory of David Tennant, a respected.

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I first saw Elisabeth Sladen as “Doctor Who” companion in the s to see her , as Sarah Jane, deal with the 10th Doctor's regeneration.

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We paid tribute to everyone's favourite time-travelling alien after half a He played the Doctor during the tenth anniversary episode The Three.

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The Nerdista presents – The Doctor Who tribute cocktail the Sonic Screwdriver # 10! David Tennant, the 10th Doctor in the Doctor Who series.