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Matt Smith, who plays the current Doctor Who, guest stars in a to the Doctor Who Live show currently on a date, nine-city tour) it was.

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Series 8. Next → Series 10 · List of Doctor Who episodes (–present). The ninth series of the British science fiction television programme Doctor Who premiered on . Feeling compassion for him, the Doctor uses a little regeneration energy to power Davros' life support, which is also connected to every Dalek. This turns.

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In the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who, regeneration is a . In the Series 10 episode "The Lie of the Land", the Twelfth Doctor fakes a .. Time Lords had improved the technology of regeneration since the Doctor's time; .. In the premiere of the spin-off series K-9, the original K -9 Mark I.

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Thu Sep 25, am 40 comments Favorite This He's in “The Day of the Doctor,” before regenerating in “The End of Time. . these holes, but would make them smaller, if 9,10,and 11 discounted years lived as the War Doctor but 12 counts them .. And yes, the Time War was waged with time technology.

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The Return of Doctor Mysterio [X]; The Pilot X]; The Doctor's Meditation [9.X] .. The Doctor: Any alien technology in this vicinity should show up. I used to .. This regeneration, it's a bit of a clerical error anyway. I've got to go.

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Peter Capaldi has been announced as the 12th Doctor, but how The Master - an evil Time Lord close to his final regeneration - is Though I am a lifelong Doctor Who fan I've not played him since I was nine Peter Capaldi Can't remember which, but RTD changed to unlimited in a 10th Doc episode.

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Actor Peter Capaldi has written a special Christmas letter to a nine-year-old fan to reassure him about his Doctor Who character's regeneration.

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The Doctor's regeneration was based on a bad acid trip Then 10 years later, in the classic episode The Talons of Weng-Chieng, the Chinese The late, great, fearsomely alternative actor-director Ken Campbell (a nine-hour adaptation of denote futuristic technology, though OED doesn't buy that, dating cybernetics from.