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Learn more about the Point of Interest Mode of your DJI drone. Get to know how to engage and use it properly. Next to that let me walk you through the setup.

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Follow the steps below to setup and use the Point of Interest (POI) feature in the DJI GO app. If you have additional tips or information below.

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I was trying (for the first time ever) to video using my truck as the POI. The truck was stationary and I wanted to fly a tight circle around it. I moved.

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HI only had my inspire about a week now and loving it. I want to take some shots (lots!) around a point of interest and then use them in a 3d.

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Most frequently I am using two modes, POI and home lock. Waypoints are a bit of a hassle so not using them often. We can only speculate for.

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I am finding out the hard way how to get this to work and it is a b*tch on wheels. No youtubes, no videos on DJI Any tell me how to use it?.