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Who's Who Lyrics: (Intro) / It's 12 o'clock / AM / What up? / (Verse 1: Who's Who. Dilated Peoples We all dilated he's back and he's Babu (Chorus). Embed .

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Who's Who This song is by Dilated Peoples and appears on the album Neighborhood Watch () and on the video game soundtrack Need for Speed: .

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Who's Who official lyrics by Dilated Peoples: It's 12 o'clock. Who's Who Dilated Peoples sheet. artist Blow the show and turn the party to a nightclub. Ladies.

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Lyrics to 'Who's Who' by Dilated Peoples. Advisory - the following lyrics contain explicit language: Stay on top of our game and I'm here to squash the pros.

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Who's Who Yo we turning this one out for me my homeboys They Homeboys and Homegirls and anybody that think they got em and anybody whos lost anything.

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Lyrics for Who's Who by Dilated Peoples. watts, my set list typed up Dilated , wherever we go we might just Blow the show and turn the.

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Blackout come back and do this shit again. Is it you, or you, or you, or you, or them? Party people what we tryin' to do. We see y'all, what you tryin' to do? Who's .