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Crispy, salty, and delicious - homemade okra chips baked in the oven until light and crunchy. You'd be better off using a dehydrator to dry whole pods, I think.

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Dehydrate until crisp, about 24 hours. Set the heat Search online and you will realize how many are using whole okra pods to dehydrate into snack food. Dried seasoned okra may be just the snack for you. Print Recipe.

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It may not be pretty, but dehydrated okra is a crunchy snack that's hard to resist. Halve okra lengthwise, cut into disks or leave whole and place okra in a large.

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When you're Southern, okra is always in season and always fried. with a formula for making almost any veggie into a spicy, crunchy chip. Sprinkle with homemade seasoned salt; taste and add more salt as necessary.

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Dried Okra Oven Recipe | Okra Chips | Never Enough Thyme — Never . you have probably seen a funny looking bag of green fried stuff called Okra. . Crispy roasted okra - substitute olive oil for the coconut oil Okra Recipes, Whole Food. 1.

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Enter my raw vegan okra chips. These are un-fried, raw, and good for you! Salty and crunchy just like potato chips with a hint of okra flavor.

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coating slivers with cornmeal for a gloriously crisp fried crust. Why I picked this recipe: Okra screams Southern summer, and I was excited to try this new cooking method. Remove from oven when crispy and transfer to a paper towel. Variation: Cynthia roasts her okra whole, following the method.

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This is the best okra recipe that makes crispy and dry and deeeelicious okra. Some of the smaller pieces are so good you might mistake them.

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Good okra recipes aren't always easy to find. Fried okra is delicious, and pickled okra is perfectly fine, but our new favorite way to eat to eat, Crispy Roasted Okra turns this slimy veggie into the potato chip of the garden.