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Though many people plant crape myrtles, few people prune them correctly. Correct pruning yields gracefully shaped trees with more blooms that are held.

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What concerns people most in the country right now? Losing their jobs? Losing their retirements? Nope. It's how to properly prune their crepe myrtles.

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Light pruning is all that's needed to keep your crape myrtle in shape and blooming like a champ. So how should you prune a crape myrtle the right way?.

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Pruning crape myrtle trees is a subject of great debate. Do you know the best techniques? Learn the proper way to trim them here, on.

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Learn how and when to properly prune your Crape Myrtle. See examples of Crape Myrtles should be pruned in the winter months when they are dormant.

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You might be wondering.. How should I prune my Crape Myrtles like the pros do. No worries, this is a common question we get and by the end.

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Crape myrtles are often chosen as a landscape plant for their long, summer blooming period. Well pruned crape myrtle with natural form.