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ALT + M, Toggles music. SHIFT + A, Toggles the little advisor doctor in the corner of the in-game screen. I, Turn off the Information boxes on new rooms.

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fullscreen, Controls whether CorsixTH runs in full-screen mode or in a play_sounds & sound_volume, Turn sound off or on and set the.

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No biggie but is there anyway to rotate the camera? I read everything and didn't see it but I thought I'd ask. Again it would be nice but not fatal.

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A: You need to own the full version of Theme Hospital to play the full version, you've picked up an item, press and hold anywhere on the screen to rotate it.

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To run CorsixTH on Android, your phone or tablet must meet the following requirements: A screen two fingers. Long-press an object to pick it up.

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google corsix release, click on corsix , scroll down there is an installer link. download, install, everything else is self explaining =) View in thread.

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Most of the stuff seems to work fine, I can pinch-to-zoom, I can hold-to-right-click ( rotate). Placing items doesn't seem to work by just tapping.

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How do you rotate PC screen? Sometimes, this feature will only work on some computers, but I'll give the directions anyway -Hold down Ctrl, Alt and Any Arrow.

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This means that you will need a purchased copy of Theme Hospital, or a .. using Mk/ which in turn features USES=fortran, and.