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Frequent dizzy spells or constant dizziness can significantly affect your life. A false sense of motion or spinning (vertigo); Lightheadedness or feeling be triggered or worsened by walking, standing up or moving your head.

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that you're spinning or that the inside of your head is spinning. you tip your head up or down, when you lie down, or when you turn over or.

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“Vertigo is a specific sensation of spinning or turning that you get when your sense of place is not stable,” says “It's that feeling of 'my head is turning.'” “ You lean them back and, woah, the crystals move and they get dizzy.

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Dizziness or vertigo (a spinning sensation). When you turn your head, fluid inside the semicircular canals moves, causing the cupulae to flex.

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Does it feel like you're spinning or the room is moving around you? That's a classic sign These let your brain know how your head is moving.

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It may cause feelings of tilting, spinning or falling, nausea, vomiting of vertigo immediately following a change in the position of your head;.

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They often say that they or their surroundings are turning or spinning. where the body is "in space:" what direction it is pointing, what direction it is moving, and .