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create session-only cookies. or. enabling J2EE session.

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A user asked me how to get ColdFusion to end the user's session when the user closes their browser. I have discussed ending sessions before.

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You can't delete session variables on browser close, but you can reset them when you open it again.

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ColdFusion Security Hotfix changes session behaviour The cookies CF creates will not expire on browser close so we need to prevent this happening. NB: The session itself would be completely new, but if the cookies.

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7 yrs CF experience (21 yrs Enterprise IT); Co-author of ColdFusion MX Bible Terminate Session on Browser Close; Insecure SessionIDs; Unexpected.

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Most programmers look at these sort of browser session timeouts as a The best option, short of encrypting the entire connection from end to end via . Cold Fusion and ASP are particular offenders; somehow PHP users never got .. of hours of typing on a big e-mail when the browser suddenly crashes.

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Your session has rotated, but then there was a problem with CF verifying the " token". into their applications, being forced to login again unexpectedly, etc. the browser), you may also find that if you simply close the browser.

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when you close an empty-element tag in CFML, you have the potential to change behavior. know to allow this tag to sit by itself, without a closing tag, or a self-close. Labels: best practices cfml closing tags coldfusion empty-element html .. I recently completed the 8 week long troubleshooting session.

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Adobe ColdFusion ( release) Lockdown Guide. If this guide is distributed with software that includes an end user agreement, this be close to 20% of the heap. . cookie as a browser session cookie, which is .. something unexpected.