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Honda Civic / Del Sol ( - ) - knocking noise when braking - Car: Civic EX with ABS Whenever i drive and press the brakes lightly just to slow.

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Basically the noise occurs right when I hit the brake at very low speed It also occurred to other honda models such as 7th gen Accord, etc.

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Mechanical Problems/Vehicle Issues and Fix-it Forum - A Huge Clunk Noise When Braking - Sometimes.. i'd say at least 3 times a day.. I hear a loud clunk when.

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I have an 03 accord lx and whenever I brake hard at a low rate of speed (no more than mph) it sounds like a clunking noise. this noise.

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Go forward and brake again another loud clunk. . In my previous Honda's there was a sound which the transmission or brake mechanism.

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'92+ Civic/EL & Del Sol - Loud thumping/knocking noise when braking - Everytime I go to brake to come to a stop, I hear a loud thumping, like a.

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so for the last few years, my '96 honda civic has been making a mysterious (to me , anyway) creaking or clunking sound when i brake. it's kind of.

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Jumping in to see if you ever got this resolved, I just bought a EX and noticed a similar 'clunk' noise when I initially apply the brakes.

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clunking noise under my car after the brake pads, caliper and rotor changed. - my front brake pads, caliper and rotors are recently changed and i have noti.

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It does depend on the type of caliper (there are calipers that slide on pins that, of course, should move as the pads wear, other calipers are fixed.