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Quentin Tarantino taking on Top Gun . Blazing Saddles (8/10) Movie CLIP - Applause for the Waco Kid () HD .. HARD BOILED warehouse scene CHOW YUN FAT + TONY LEUNG + PHILIP KWOK directed by JOHN.

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Woo is best known for his Hong Kong action thrillers like A Better Tomorrow, The Killer, “She really reminded me of Chow Yun-fat. So, when shooting her action scenes, I directed her not as Ha Ji-won but like Chow Yun-fat! says she grew up watching John Woo movies and loved the blazing gun action.

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Chow Yun-Fat gave us one of his best performances ever, Danny Lee was The final showdown in the church was one the best action scenes ever made in a.

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The name is Chow, Chow Yun-Fat. Diving through the air in slow motion with a blazing pistol in each hand Chow looks like Cary Grant on a very good day at Cap D'Antibes in . Get five of our best stories in your inbox every Saturday, plus a peek behind the scenes into how one came together.

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But here are 10 movies guaranteed to show you the best of Hong Kong. In John Woo's gun-blazing pop noir, a professional assassin (Chow Yun-Fat) is an amazingly choreographed fight scene involving panes of shattering glass, and .

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A Better Tomorrow is a Hong Kong crime film, directed by John Woo, and starring Ti Lung, Leslie Cheung and Chow Yun-fat. It is highly regarded, ranking #2 in the Best Chinese Motion Pictures. After Mark leaves, Kit arrives on the scene intending to make an arrest where he is captured by Shing's men.

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They dived sideways for cover like Chow Yun-Fat, a huge automatic blazing in each fist, Chow Yun-Fat's Hong Kong movies were cool, in a way that made a Infernal Affairs' best performance, though, comes from Eric Tsang, had scripted himself an extra scene with two hookers and a strap-on dildo.