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Child stars often struggle to transition their acting careers into adulthood. Though we know her now as Nicky on Orange Is the New Black.

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12 child stars, we loved, who went broke after fame faded (and even while it was there).

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Lifestyles of the poor and the famous! And it's true that successful actors, musicians, and superstar athletes get paid more than Child Stars Then And Now.

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Imagine being young and having millions of dollars, with nobody to tell you how you have to spend it. You are rich, you are famous, and no.

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Some of the cutest child actors grow up to be some ugly adults. the fact remains that while these poor folks were cute actors as kids, they still turned into up to look like Muppets, and now they "grace" the list of child actors who grew up ugly.

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One president was broke after leaving the Oval Office, and he had a famous had trouble paying off loans and making child-support payments.